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Hiring from across borders is the best way to expand your business. Al Sadeed is a leading overseas manpower recruitment agency specialising in cross-border hiring that strengthens a company’s culture.

Our capabilities are completely scalable and our processes provide industry-leading results, regardless of the size of your company or the project in question. Alsadeedbureau is the best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Consultant Agency Mumbai India. As we Overseas HR Consultancy and Abroad Job Consultants for Career Counselling Services to Skilled workers from India. Some of the areas where we assist our clients are:

manpower recruitment

Overseas Recruitment

Manpower On Demand

Client Interview

Skills, Trainings & Development

Medical Check up

Visa Assistance

Overseas Manpower Recruitment Consultant Agency Mumbai India

Our distinguished clientele represents a wide spectrum of industries like Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, Telecommunication, Petrochemical, Banking, Information Technology, Trading and Distribution, Shipping, Aviation, Transportation, Call centers, Business process outsourcing etc. AL Sadeed Bureau  – Manpower Recruitment consultancy also have a huge database for active Shutdown workers from India in high numbers (200 – 1000 Workers) for large to mid-scale projects with deployment time frame of 2 weeks from selection.

Leading Manpower Consultants

AL Sadeed Bureau  sets newer and loftier standards when hiring an international workforce. Our values and viewpoints on diversity are highly celebrated. We are committed to creating an organisation with value by helping them put people first. HR functions have rapidly evolved over the years, where executives are more business savvy and move beyond perspectives of mere consequences. We make every effort to be inventive and strategic both at the same time.

We specialise in identifying staffing for the manufacturing and construction sectors that uniquely influence the business. We markedly focus on search execution through rigorous evaluation, analytics, structured process and getting the cultural fit right. While combining the science of search with comprehending the need for diverse traits, we function as an extension of the brand we serve.

Advantages of recruiting skilled workers from India

Attain your full potential with our international recruitment recommendations and high-quality labour from India. Talent is abundant in India, and the country is well-poised to provide an educated and trained workforce to the rest of the world. Globalisation depends on the mobility of international talent, which require domain-specific knowledge and other parallel abilities. These skills are widely found in India’s demography, which actually forms a competitive advantage for the nation. As a premier manpower agency in Mumbai, AL Sadeed Bureau Group Manpower Consultants –makes every effort to find the right candidate from a pool of rich aptitude.

Why do you need an Overseas Recruitment Agency in Mumbai?

Employees are the crux of an organisation. Machines, real estate, technology, and equipment are all assets driven by humans. This is one of the biggest reasons why a diversified workforce is a must for any organisation to survive and thrive. But identifying the right talent for your business is imperative, depending upon the expertise and experience the position demands. Such employees make valuable contributions to the organisation and are invariably a part of the company’s retention pool.

Here are some of the pertinent benefits of choosing as your overseas job consultant and Manpower Consultants:

Access a large pool of applicants where we assist employers in discovering candidates from across the globe. We pick and choose employees from a colossal list improving the likelihood of sourcing an ideal candidate with the necessary qualifications.

Our experience and expertise speak for the company, as we come with in-depth knowledge about a region’s human resource market, its laws and regulations. Most organisations looking for international candidature invariably have no knowledge about what to look for in a particular area.

International recruitment can be time-consuming, and finding the right talent can be complex. With AL Sadeed Bureau Group, employers can focus on their business to speed up the process leaving no gaps in your operations.

We are highly cost-effective and can benefit not just small and medium-sized firms but corporations as well. Our dedicated recruitment team leaves no stone unturned in finding resources while you invest in our services economically.

Al Sadeed Bureau Group comes with regulatory know-how of a particular region. Specific regulations are laid out that govern employment mainly meant for international workers. Organisations can depend on us as we navigate these rules and ensure that you find the employee you are looking for abiding by local legislation.

An essential aspect of making a globally-inclined organisation run smoothly is having a variation in the workforce. It only strengthens the organisation as they display native intelligence and understanding in accomplishing tasks. Besides, diversifying the resources would mean an enhanced business culture.

Hiring Overseas Manpower Consultants

As abroad job consultants, we are mainly concerned with locating candidates to fulfil your positions. Here are some things we do along with you.

We thoroughly assess your staffing needs before drawing up a plan for the actual recruitment. Our experts check if you need temporary contractual workers or permanent hires. Manpower Consultants also gather the profile of the ideal candidates that can fit your workplace culture. AL Sadeed Bureau Group then embarks on strategy and execution as we narrow down candidates and place a choice before you.  Check out our Direction.